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Uploading, Tagging, Batch Export Additional Integrations

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How to Upload Content from Your Computer to UNIFIIn this article. you will find instructions on how to add content to UNIFI from within the UNIFI app.
How to Add Content from Revit to UNIFI Using Batch ExportThis article shows you how to add content to UNIFI from Revit using the Batch Export feature.
Submitting a Content RequestIf there is a piece of content that you need that is not in any of your Collections, you can submit a Content Request. Learn how to, here.
Managing Content RequestsOnce a user has submitted a content request, an admin will be able to view that request in the notifications section.
Best Practices for Adding Unique File Elements to UNIFIAlthough most file formats are exported seamlessly to UNIFI, there are a few formats that take some extra steps
Storing Non-BIM/CAD Content in UNIFI ProAlthough UNIFI is built specifically for managing BIM elements, you can store virtually any file type in your UNIFI Collections.
How to Future-Proof Families with the Base File Chart SectionThe base file chart section in UNIFI helps to future-proof families when future versions of Revit are used.
How to Request an Update for Existing Content in UNIFIIf you need to request an update or submit an issue for existing content in UNIFI, you will want to fill out the Request Update form.
Smart Tagging Strategies in UNIFIAn effective tagging system allows users to quickly classify content and find similar content.
Using Tags in UNIFITags are a way to group content together in UNIFI using metadata.
Smart Saved Search OrganizationSaved Search feature is one tool you and your team could use to find content quickly.
How to Set Row GroupTutorial on leveraging row groups in UNIFI
Uploads - Tagging LegendWhen uploading content, you have the option to add tags. Here are the options.